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Grifidi connects you with nearby restaurants, bars, and fashion shops that are offering deals and daily promotions. Who said you couldn't have a great time and save money all at once?

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Get started by following all of your favorite activities with the use of #tags. Discover deals near you by following a #tag like #foodie, #firesale, or #happyhour. Stay up to date on all your favorite nearby deals by following any #tag you wish (i.e., #nightlife, #vegan, #popup).

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Find deals on all your favorite activities. There is no limit to what deals and discounts you may find on Grifidi - from 2 for 1 appetizers at the burger joint next door to a BOGO sale at the boutique shop around the corner. Find deals and daily promotions of all types.

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Once you find the best deal on a nearby happy hour special, delicous cuisine, or that little black dress- simply select the "Get Directions" feature and go there now. All deals and daily promotions on Grifidi are only a walking distance away. Are you ready to Grifidi?

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Add Relevant #Tags: If you offer food try #foodie; If you offer drinks try #happyhour; etc.

See More Foot Traffic: Nearby Grifidi-ers will see your post and come in and buy.

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Grifidi connects you with all the best deals and daily promotions happening nearby. Get updates on nearby deals for all your favorite interests by using our follow #tags feature.

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