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Q. How do I use scavenger hunt mode to look for freebies?You can’t just yet. Our initial release is for connecting local users. As you read this, we are developing the scavenger hunt mode platform. And between you and I, it’s going to be epic!

Q. What do I do if I see nudity or an illegal act posted on Grifidi? Should you come across any obscenity, please report the pin using the Report feature in the option menu of a pin. Grifidi does not tolerate obscenities.

Q. Can other users see my location?No. Users can only see the location of your pin which may be where you stand or may be at a custom location such as an island in the Pacific Ocean. Where a post is pinned is up to the user.

Q. Is my location being tracked by Grifidi? No. We do not track user location and we do not store user movement information.

Q. Will the Grifidi App use up all my battery life?No more than any other app. We developed Grifidi with the goal of being efficient with both battery life and data.

Q. How do I delete my account? All edits to the account can be made in Accounts within Settings including Delete Account.


Q. When posting a pin, can I select a Custom Location without having to use the search bar?Yes. Go to Custom Location feature and simply press the screen over the location and the pin will move there.

Q. Can I see all the content in my Activity without having to go back to the Activity bar each time?Yes. Once you click on a single Activity post, just swipe left or right to go to the next post. The same can be done to your content in your Gallery.

Q. How do I see where a post is located?While looking at a post, click on the Location feature on the far bottom left to see it’s location.

Q. Why don’t I see any pins when I zoom out too far?We remove the pins once you zoom out too far to better navigate the map without having pins cluttering up the view.


Q. How do I contact Grifidi with any app suggestions?If you have any user experience or development feedback or a suggestion for an awesome app feature, please use our Feedback feature in Settings. Simply fill out the form and press Submit.

Q. Can I contact Grifidi via social media?Yes. We have a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Send us funny videos or let us know all the different ways people can use the app.

Q. How do I contact Grifidi if I have an issue with my account?
Email us at