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May 26, 2017

Broadening Horizons

Finding new adventures. There are two types of people in this world; those that are afraid to leave their comfort zone and those that do- every chance they get. The most influential leaders and trail blazers are the latter. Granted, not everyone will be the next Beyoncé or the next leader of the free world. However, we can be daring in our everyday lives starting with international travel.

One of my most memorable trips was to Valencia, Spain for their Las Fallas Festival or the Festival of Fire. Every March for a whole week, the city burns satirical papier-mâché creations of international celebrities in honor of Saint Joseph. It is basically a non-stop celebration of burning everything in sight with fireworks being set off in every direction. For someone who was once an adolescent pyromaniac (what 10-year-old isn’t), this was a socially-accepted dream come true.

This was my first trip out of the country and I wish I didn’t wait until my 30’s to do so. There’s something about international travel that reminds us again that the world isn’t a bad place and that sometimes leaving our comfort zones put a better perspective on life.


This week has been full of feature updates.

To help you explore your neighborhood, we have added a new Event Pin. With the new Event Feature, you can scour the town for nearby events. Plus, should you encounter an awesome fire festival of your own nearby, you can post an event pin for locals to join the fun.

We’ve also added a block user feature to prevent abusive users from harassing Grifidi-ers. We would like to thank the Apple Review Team for making us aware of this additional feature to further protect our users.

Be on the lookout for the new Grifidi website coming out the day we launch.

While the big day is almost here, we wanted to thank you for being with us during these last few months. We promise to continue to listen to your opinions, design new features, and make the best app possible for you to better connect with your community. Are you ready to Grifidi?

May 18, 2017

The Beginning is Near

MORE THAN JUST ALLERGIES. Spring is here and summer is starting to poke its head. Cafes put tables outside for you to bask in the sun, you no longer have to dress like you’re a walking puff ball, and pop-up events are showing up everywhere. As everyone wakes from their uneventful hibernation, New York City finally comes alive again.

Now it’s time to re-explore the city — with your new favorite app, of course.

The Grifidi app is the perfect tool to show locals exactly where you tried that amazing mocha-café macchiato, where that free outdoor yoga class takes place, or what randomness you’ve stumbled upon while out in the city. It lets you share highlights of your day and where they happened. You can even post where you’re celebrating your ‘5 o’clock somewhere drink’ so your friends can come join.

Even if you don’t want to go out, the Grifidi App allows you to socialize with friends or join a conversation with locals. Don’t worry, this app is mom approved.


There is light at the end of the tunnel. We see you shivering with anticipation, or maybe that’s just us being anxious from all the coffee we’ve been drinking. Either way, launch day is just around the corner.

We had to make a few minor changes for Apple Review approval, but we are almost there. We plan on launching by the end of next week.

Make sure to follow our Facebook page and subscribe to our newsletter, Uncanned, to stay up to date with all that is Grifidi and for the most recent launch information.

May 11, 2017

Press release coming soon. Want a sneak peek?

Photo Credit: stocksnap.io

IT’S 2017. This has been a turbulent year in politics calling many people to protest. From the recent March for Science to the Tax March, demanding President Trump to release his tax returns. Sure, many of these marches had over 100,000 protesters present, but what about the people that are passionate about the cause but cannot attend due to work or family obligations?

Like most things, there’s an app for that. People can now protest virtually using the Grifidi App (pronounced ‘graffiti’).

The Grifidi App is a social app where you can post a message, image, or video (similar to stories) to any location around the world. Imagine Google Maps, but with videos of peoples’ thoughts pinned everywhere. Using the Grifidi App, a stay-at-home mom or dad can now video their political views and pin it to the location of the most recent political march.

Grifidi users can also post their political opinions without the fear of being unfollowed by using the anonymous feature. According to a Pew study in 2014, almost 25% of Facebook users blocked their friends due to political disagreement. Now, imagine how much higher those stats are after the U.S. elections. With Grifidi, your network will still receive your anonymous post, they just won’t know which one of their friends posted it.

“The day President Trump was elected, many of my Facebook friends were wishing they could go protest against him, while my other ‘friends’ were unfriending me due to my political views,” said Luiggi Pera, Chief Executive Officer of Grifidi, Inc. “It was clear that a better social app experience was needed.”

Although protesting was the inspiration behind the app, the Grifidi App provides an overall social networking experience where you can meet new people, see which local hotspots your friends are at, and even receive invitations to local events.

The Grifidi App stands apart from other social networks because of its geolocation-based nature. With Grifidi, people will be more focused on building the social networks in their regional communities as opposed to random people all over the world. These closer relationships are what truly make people social. However, that shouldn’t stop you from following President Trump on Grifidi after he signs up.


Our second round of beta testing is complete and we have finally made all the updates to the Grifidi App necessary for our public launch. Thank you very much to all our beta testers.

Did I also mention we also submitted for Apple review? Well, we did and we can’t wait to launch next week. It’s seems unreal and the Grifidi Team still cannot believe we made it this far, but like Woody Allen once said “80% of success is just showing up.” And in our case, you did everything and anything necessary to show up.

To all our Grifidi fans and supporters, please remember Grifidi is only as fun as the number of users in your area. When we launch, start by logging in and inviting 5 of your local friends using our Invite Feature and follow them on Grifidi to see their awesome posts.

See you on LAUNCH DAY!

May 4, 2017

And The Madness Begins

IT’S SIMPLE.  We are a group of five guys who just want to change up the social app game. We were tired of losing friends on social because of political opinions. And, it never made sense why social apps are called “social” if you never have to leave the comfort of your couch to interact with others. It was time to shake it up. So just put a couple of creative guys in a blender, add some kick-ass expertise, and a spoonful of persistence, and what do you get? The unstoppable Grifidi Team.

Since the idea came to be in December 2016, we have busted our butts to get to where we stand. We all have lived two lives, sometimes three. You wake up, touch base with your team, then go to work (because you still got them bills), work on the app at work (guilty?), go meet with your team afterwork at a local cafe, go home to work on the app, all the while being a supporting boyfriend/husband/father. The next day, you do it all over again. Why? Because you live off of that adrenaline rush. That high you get when you are creating something new. That same high Prometheus must of felt when he created fire (I bet it was matches).

Nothing can hold us down at this point. We are hungry for succes and will do whatever it takes to get that first bite. So let the madness begin.


This past week, we officially launched our beta and have been receiving non-stop feedback from all our beta testers (over 100 of them). They have been amazing and we thank you.

With all the feedback, we are working tirelessly to make all the necessary changes to the Grifidi App for launch. With the new updates coming soon, you will be able to share your social experiences in a better way. With Grifidi, you can post messages, photos, or videos of what’s happening to your town, or join a conversation across the country.

Be sure to be on the look out for the Grifidi App, launching this May at the AppStore.